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Mr. Silverman been painting and exhibiting as a painter for 60 years. He has had had 33 solo shows across the country including venues in New York, Boston, Philadelphia ,Washington, D.C,., San Francisco, Maine and Nashville TN  He has appeared in numerous national and international exhibitions including the National Portrait Gallery, the National Academy Annuals, the Mexico City Museum of Art, the Royal Academy of Art in London and the Butler Midyear Annuals. He has won 37 major prizes and awards from several of these annual exhibitions and the National Academy Museum has honored him with 9 awards including the Ranger Purchase Awards in 1983 and 1965. His paintings are represented in twenty-seven public collections including the Arkansas Art Institute, the Brooklyn Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the New Britain Museum, the Denver Art Museum, the National Museum of American Art, the Columbus Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. His work is included in numerous private collections both in the U.S. and Europe. Since 1993 he has lectured in museums and university graduate programs on the nature of 21st Century Realism. and written articles  extensively on the same subject matter. с

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