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Николай Блохин

Nikolai Blokhin (Николай Блохин) was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1968. His education in art began very early at the Art School for Gifted Children in 1980, and continued through his postgraduate work and professorship at the prestigious St. Petesburg Academy of Art. With more than 20 years of artistic studies Nikolai is a young master with unequaled genius. His paintings are the embodiment of the classics with a contemporary approach.
The unique style of his paintings has not gone without notice. Nikolai has been the recipient of many awards, including the Russian Academy of Arts prestigious gold medal award for "Young Artist of the Year", the coveted Grand Prize at the American Society of Portrait Artists 2002 competition at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Best of Show in the International Portrait Competition of the Portrait Society of America ,Boston, 2004.
He is well versed in landscape and still life, as he is in portraiture. Nikolai's paintings are represented in some of the world's greatest collections, in Russia, the Netherlands, China, Belgium, Finland, and the United States.

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Posts from This Journal “Картинки” Tag