dok_zlo (dok_zlo) wrote,

Deborah Walkar

Filtered Light; Handfast Point.

The Pinnacle.

The Green Bridge, Flimston Bay.

'Sun after Rain; Old Harry Rocks' June 11 001.

'Old Harry' May 11 006.

Morning Canter.

Cool Westerly.


Early Morning Druidston.

Last Warmth of the Day.

Towards Levant from Pendeen Watch.

Evening sun; Old Harry.

North Easterly; Farne Islands.

North Easterly, Farne Islands II.

Into the Light; Old Harry Rocks.

Almost Flying; Handfast Point.

The Pinnacles; Staple Island.

1 Arch Detail V.

First Hint of Evening.

Mousehole to Lamorna.

Dancing Light; Melbourne Pool.

Pale Sun Slowly Melts.

February Morning.

Atlantic Light.

Sweet Air Blow Soft.

Infant Trent.

Tags: Картинки
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