dok_zlo (dok_zlo) wrote,

Художник Alyssa Monks

Smirk 48x64, oil on linen, 2009

Welcome To 80x55, oil on linen, 2005

Ritual 42x56, oil on linen, 2006

Morning After 30x50, oil on linen, 2004

Penance 54x72, oil on linen, 2006

Stalemate 42x56, oil on linen, 2005

Want 2010, 20x30, oil on linen

Tell 30x20, oil on panel, 2011

Scab 64x86, oil on linen, 2013

Squeeze (Study) 2012, 10x16, oil on panel

Somewhere In Jersey 40x36, oil/linen, 2007

The Race 72x96, oil on linen, 2007

Fish 64x86, oil on linen, 2007

Vapor 60x40, oil on linen, 2008
Tags: Картинки
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